JULY 24 THRU AUGUST 6 — Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery

Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery was challenged to design an art show about men; the majority of the body of art of the past, pertaining to the female form. The challenge met, “The Male Form” was born. Dramatic photographs, daring paintings, sculptures, pottery, monumental glass works and jewelry are all part of the display. Artist Adriana Ficarelli has designed a collection of wedding rings for same sex couples. A sculptural display of men in a yoga class will take up several pedestals. Durga Garcia, fast becoming an international star for her dramatic and exquisitely produced photographs will have several powerful images in this show. Priscilla Silverberg has created a family portrait, both beautifully executed and poignant. James Rabidoux has created two of his “word” painting, “Men,” which will be juxtaposed on the wall.

“The Male Form” opens on July 24 from 6-10 PM. The show continues through August 6. The gallery is located at 15 South J Street in Downtown Lake Worth.

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