While this weekend consisted mostly of beading for a few upcoming shows, tonight Squirrely Shirley & I decided to head out to the Arts Garage in Delray to check out Divas in Art, a cabaret style performance by female impersonators.  A few things you should know about the Arts Garage, it’s cash only.  No debit cards, so bring cash.  Also, they do not serve alcohol, but you are able to bring and crack your own alcoholic beverage or any munchies that you feel like bringing!  The venue is cozy, friendly and just has great vibes.

That said, the cost for the event was $15 gen admin and $20 for reserved seating.  The performance was hilarious, the “ladies” looked stunning and were definitely great at doing “the Milli Vanilli” to various catchy tunes.

After the show, las muchachas said they were heading off to Tag Bar which is a gay bar just around the corner from the Arts Bar.  We were tempted to go, but around that SAME corner was the Asian Trade, Food Fair and Cultural Show and it smelled delicious!  We walked in, the guy tells us that since it’s so late there’s no cover… WIN!  We had some soursop juice, walked around, jammed to some music, followed our nostrils, got our eyebrows threaded, hands henna-ed, walked around to view the vendors who carried some absolutely gorgeous goods.  Was dying to get some dresses but the prices quoted were $150+.  So needless to say, no dresses today.

We headed back to the area where the food vendors were just cooking up a storm… ordered some pad thai, some beef kabob and barbecued chicken.  The pad thai was okay, the vendor was sweet.  The kabob and chicken were scrumdiddlyumptious!  So, bellies full we returned to the juice bar and this time got some tamarind juice.  One of the ladies behind the counter was telling us how earlier in the day there some amazing performances, even some fire breathers.  Wish we’d caught that.  The music we did hear was wonderful, the dances amazing.

We were tempted to head to Tag Bar after the festival, but by then we smelled like some tasty barbecued chicken and I don’t think that’s an appealing scent unless you’re on a plate.

Moral of the story, next year you should check out the Asian fest and next “month” you should head over to the Arts Garage to see the Divas in Art perform (the last Sunday of every month).  Bring your booze and some munchies.

Well, this is it for this toe wiggling post.  Going to wash the henna off my hands since it’s probably flaking into the keyboard as I type.  Sexy, no?