Hopefully by now we all know that the last Friday of every month, the amazing little area called Northwood Village (West Palm Beach), hosts an Art & Wine Promenade (6-9pm).  Well, so this is where Squirrel and I were today pushing my handmade jewelry, BeYOUteous.  The event has been steadily growing but today, it kicked everything out of the ballpark.

Ray Chang performed in front of Centro’s Piano Bar and stole the night!  The man was a Performer!  The man Put on a show!  Did you see that? All with capital P!  I can’t think of another way to put it.  From seeing him dancing in the street, to jumping unto the back of passing pick-up trucks it was as if you were transported back to another time, listening to old jazz, big bands, etc.  He performed hits like “New York, New York“, “Hound Dog“,  “Great Balls of Fire“, my personal favorite “My Way” and Lord knows how many others we [insert Squirrel] butchered in unison.  The night was great, the crowd was lively.  We left after 10pm and people were still coming, I’d call it one amazing block party.  *sigh*

So back to Northwood, if you haven’t been it’s located on Northwood Road, between Dixie & Broadway. It’s home to a myriad of shops like Harold’s Coffee, Seafood Soul and of course Relish with their tasty everything the doughnuts.  So next month on the 27th (last Friday) bring your kids, bring your wives because it is one heck of a partay!

[google_map height=’320′ src=’https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Northwood+Road,+West+Palm+Beach,+FL&hl=en&sll=26.742544,-80.06115&sspn=0.020504,0.042272&oq=northwood+road&hnear=Northwood+Rd,+West+Palm+Beach,+Florida+33407&t=m&z=16′]