The Nile Project

The Nile Project Launches Their First US Tour in Miami

JANUARY 24 — North Beach Bandshell at 8 p.m.

The idea that music brings people together is an appealing one, but it can seem inadequate in the face of the differences that wrack the world. Among the most intractable regions is the Nile Basin, lined by 11 countries divided by a host of conflicts, from fights over access to the Nile River to violent internal strife in Egypt and Sudan.

And yet The Nile Project, a musical collective with members from nine Nile Basin countries who play a wild array of styles and instruments, is bridging those divisions. They believe their musical collaboration offers a model for cooperation around the region’s most crucial problem: preserving and sharing the Nile River, which is essential for life in the countries around it and is threatened by global warming, pollution, dams, population growth and other massive problems. – Miami Herald

Take a musical voyage down the world’s longest river. Discover the unsung beauty of East African traditions as musicians from the 11 African nations that border the Nile join together for this unprecedented, cross-cultural collaboration. Different languages, genres, instruments and dances connected by one body of water, and for one night-one stage.

Egyptian and Ethiopian artists have mastered each others’ wildly different modal systems. A Burundian bassist has become the foundation within head-spinning Ugandan rhythms. Instruments that parted ways millennia before are reunited and pushed into new tunings, new places. Love songs and lullabies have crossed geographical and linguistic barriers to forge new songs. A pan-Nile percussion section drives an orchestra of Ethiopian masenko and sax, Egyptian oud, ney, simsimiya and tambura, Sudanese harps, Burundian thumb pianos, Ugandan adungu and endigidi-plus six vocalists sing in eleven languages. The result is a new sound of a shared Nile identity-a sound that has won the collective’s debut album, Aswan, the accolades of one of NPR’s “Must Hear International Albums” and Songlines “Top of the World” collection.

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The Nile Project: Lecture Demonstration

JANUARY 23 — Miami Dade College

Get a taste of the The Nile Project when musicians from the project take the stage at MDC Wolfson Campus to share a little of what they do through music and informative discussion. Free.

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