It’s that time of year again… where the birds chirp merrily as a man — specifically Morris Chestnut in tight spandex :cough: — recites sweet words to my open window.  When my heart can’t bear to take more — as it beats out of its rib cage — I quickly YouTube a video on how to braid a ponytail from which he’ll be able to climb up and kiss me with more than mere stanzas. I’ll swoon, he’ll catch me (or so I hope)… and with one eye open, I’ll await for… CPR. :le sigh: But yes, ladies, gents and other… April is National Poetry Month and here’s some of what O, Miami and Palm Beach Poetry Festival have in store.

Personal favorite from last year was O, Miami’s #PoetryPops.  You could submit your poems to be printed on Popsicles which would then be handed out.

The Perfect Nothing Catalog: Gyotaku Fish Printing Workshop


Led by Frank Traynor, these workshops teach the traditional Japanese method of fish printing, used as both an art form and also as a method of archive for fisherman. Come join Frank as he goes fishing off of Biscayne Bay! Fish, India Ink and paper will be provided for workshop attendees.

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PET by Rudi Goblen


PET is an interactive, physical one-man theatre piece set in a support group meeting for ex-lovers/serial monogamists built from an array of interviews and shared experiences of the broken-hearted. Drawing from a repository of human emotions, fears, hopes, dreams and instincts while forging a blend of movement, speech and actions to tell its stories – PET deals with the complexities of relationships, love, and lack thereof.

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Vigía Inspired: An artist book-making workshop


The University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC) will host a half-day workshop led by Rolando Estévez, co-founder of Ediciones Vigía and master book artist who will teach participants how to create their own artist book using the collection as inspiration. These books, renowned for their dazzling use of color, found materials, and compelling text are representative of hand-made and unique art and are often inspirational pieces. Participants can choose to have their work archived at the CHC as part of the O, Miami – CHC collaboration.

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The Golden Age of Islamic Poetry: A Workshop


The Golden Age of Islamic Poetry is a workshop that introduces participants to poetry classics of the Muslim world and invites them to try their hand at enduring forms from the Middle East. The workshop begins with a short walking tour of the beautiful and unique architecture of Opa Locka.The workshop will provide a scenic walking tour, historic facts behind the founding of Opa Locka, a brief overview of A Thousand and One Nights, and the poetry of the Islamic Golden Age.


National Poetry Month Film Series at Lynn University: The Beat Generation An American Dream


Using original film clips and interviews, this film illustrates the 1950s social movement termed the Beat Generation. Disillusioned with post-World War II America, Beat Generation writers and painters came together because they felt mainstream America was becoming out of touch with humanity and the individual.

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The Breakbeat Poets: A Performance


The BreakBeat Poets: New American Poetry in the Age of Hip-Hop (Haymarket, 2015) is the first poetry anthology by and for the Hip-Hop generation, celebrating a break with the past while honoring of tradition(s) and creating an undeniable body expanding the canon for the fresher. The show will feature performers from local organization Path to Hip-Hop, as well as Miami artist and activist Sekajipo.

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“Day of Thrones” Field Day Competition


Day of Thrones is an epic, team-competition battle of “field day”-style games mixed with nerdy brain games. Four “houses” compete against one another at Hammocks Community Park in West Kendall. All will have fun, but there can be only one house at the end sitting on the throne.

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