Digital Painting by NICOLE DECARIA
Digital Painting by NICOLE DECARIA

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to participate in a “Live Tweet” of the dress rehearsal for Madama Butterfly Opera by Giacomo Puccini put on the Palm Beach Opera House.

The play, based in early 20th century, centers around US Navy Lieutenant BF Pinkerton’s engagement, marriage then abandonment of Cio-Cio-San (Madama Butterfly).  From the moment we meet Pinkerton he leaves us with such gems as he’ll “marry for 999 years in Japanese fashion with option to end each month”.  Hmm… “Girl, run!”, I thought.  Needless to say she wasn’t privy to this convo, marries Pinkerton, renounces her heritage, then soon he leaves for the US.

Ever hopeful, Madama “Pinkerton”, as she now prefers to be called, waits around 3 years for his return.  During his absence, she birthed a baby boy, rejects marriage offer from Prince Yamadori, is broke, void of any family… but she clings to the hope of one day seeing her “love”, her husband, even though the marriage broker had the wise sense to point out that by Japanese law, she’s pretty much divorced.  But no, says she… I’m an American, and that law is not valid in America (she said it better than I just did but I can’t remember verbatim).

So anyway one day, a ship pulls into the harbor (this scene was beautiful).  Madama Pinkerton is elated, excited, she’s jubilated!  She waits the whole night for Pinkerton, her son asleep at her foot but the sun rises and he’s nowhere to be found.  He does eventually show up, but with new wife in tow!

Madama Pinkerton previously said that she’d rather die than to go back to the life of being a geisha… so you can guess the rest.

So you missed out on the tweeting action?  Catch it here.