JUNE 21 THRU SEPT 13 — NSU Art Museum

Opening in Fort Lauderdale, known for one of the largest Haitian populations in the U.S., the exhibition explores the manner in which Haiti is represented from the inside and outside, as well as the role journalists played in documenting Haitian life in times of political and social strife.

From Within and Without includes nearly 350 works from the late 19th century to the present by 20 photographers, as well as studio archives, family snapshots and photojournalist works documenting Haiti’s public and domestic architecture, its landscape, political history, natural disasters, and events that exemplify the richness and vitality of Haiti’s past and present. Albums and photographs dating from the 1890s through the 1970s display rural habitats and Haitian landmark sites such as Port-au-Prince’s Metropolitan Bazaar, National Bank of Haiti, Cathedral and Palace. Subjects include photographs of Haitian presidents, such as Francois Duvalier, Elie Lescot, Paul Magloire, Stenio Vincent, military leaders, farmers, families with their children, Vodou priests and festivals, baptisms and marriages, and numerous political events, such as the election rallies of 1913.


Panel discussion with exhibition curator Edouard Duval-Carrier and exhibition artists. 6PM. RSVP required: moareservation@moafl.org

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