Now in its third installment, the Collaboration: African Diaspora exhibition brings together over 40 talented artists of African descent who are either from, or reside in the state of Florida. Originally created in 2013 by the ATB Fine Artists & Designers, Collaboration has exhibited over 350 artists under various themes (Salute to Women, Students of Collaboration, Boys to Men).

The exhibition is meant to showcase emerging, mid-career, and established folk, self-taught, and classically trained artists. In this exhibition, the artists’ works are never focused solely on visions of Africa or people of African descent. To the contrary, their creations should always reflect the diversity of talents, influences, and muses of artists of African descents.

Trina Slade-Burks, President, ATB Fine Artists & Designers

This year’s featured artists include: Addonis Parker, Anthony Burks Sr., Ashley Dias, Barbara Cheives, Carl Craig, Caron Bowman, Cheryl Edwards, Daniel Fortune, Dariel Donovan, David German, Derin Young, Emmanuel Aderele, Everett Spruill, Florida Highwaymen: AJ Brown, Isaac Knight, and Roy McLendon Jr., Gillian Kennedy Wright, Greg Pitts, Henrimae Bell, Jacquelene Arrieux, James A. Rush, Jonathan Knight, Julia Polonyi, Kianga Jinaki, Lyndale Pettus, Maria Luisa Pflucker, Nate Dee, Neil McConney, Nzingah Oniwosan, Ore’al Bluntson, Patrick Foucauld, Ramel Jasir, Robert McKnight, Rodney Jackson, Rosley Jean-Louis, Scott Jeffries, Shani Simpson, Tonya Akins, Tracy Guiteau.

Opening reception will take place on September 10 from 6-9PM at the Center for Creative Education in Northwood Village. Admission $10.


Center for Creative Education
25 24th St, West Palm Beach, FL 33407
(561) 805-9927

Opening Reception

SEPT. 10 from 6PM TO 9PM

Opening reception for Collaboration: African Diaspora will take place at the Center for Creative EducationAdmission $10. The exhibition which runs through October 21, 2016 is free and open to the public.

Brunch & Lecture

SEPT. 17 from 12PM TO 3PM

The picnic style Brunch & Lecture will feature a panel of art discussion with professionals who service the art community. The event will include brunch, gallery tour, lecture and Q&A Moderated by District 2 Commissioner Cory Neering, featuring panelists Nzingah Oniwosan, Sabine Millien-Felix, Keith Spruill, Gregory Dillard, Dr. Kahlil Vadre Moses, Rolando Chang Barrero, Rena Blades, Genia Baker, Debbie Origho Manigat. Tickets $35.

Painting by AJ Brown.
Painting by AJ Brown.

Meet the Florida Highwaymen

OCT. 1 from 10AM TO 4PM

The highwaymen consisted of 26 African-American landscape artists selling oil paintings on the side of the highway as a result of not being allowed to display their works in galleries during Jim Crow segregation. Today, their paintings sometimes go for thousands of dollars and are collected by people like Steven Spielberg, Michelle Obama, Jeb Bush and a small army of private collectors. Programming to feature Q&A and a detailed look at the works of Highwaymen artists Isaac Knight, Roy McLendon Jr. and AJ Brown.

Painting by Addonis Parker.
Painting by Addonis Parker.

Meet the Artists & Marketplace

OCT. 8 from 12PM TO 4PM

Get the opportunity to meet some of the exhbiting artists one on one and purchase some their smaller items in the marketplace. Artists talk will take place at 1PM featuring Anthony Burks Sr, Ramel Jasir, Caron Bowman Ore’al Bluntson, Gillian Kennedy Wright, Julia Polonyi, Kianga Jinaki, Everett Spruill, Emmanuel Aderele, Tonya Akins. Barbara Cheives’ Afrasia & Kimono talk begins at 2PM.

Artist Rodney Jackson Reads Rocko’s Big Launch

OCT. 15 from 12PM TO 2PM

In 2012 R. Jackson (Rodney) and his wife Yolande developed the Rocko Rocket brand to inspire kids of all ages to set goals, continue the learning process and find success working through their passion.  Bring your kids to meet the artist as he reads his children’s book Rocko’s Big Launch.

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