B.B King, born September 16, 1925 as Riley B. King in Itta Bena, Mississippi, is hailed as the “King of Blues”!  His career started in the 1940s, with his first hit “Three O’ Clock Blues” in 1951. To date, he has released over fifty albums, many of them classics.

About “Lucille”: His beloved guitar earned her name after a brawl in Twists, Arkansas involving two men over one woman.  In the process, a kerosene stove was knocked over, setting the room on fire.  Everyone ran out and upon noticing that he’d left his guitar, B.B. King ran back in to retrieve it.  So, when he discovered the name of the lady who incinsed the men so, he named the guitar after her… to remind him never to fight over a woman.

He’ll perform live at the Kravis Center (West Palm Beach) on January 2nd.  Tickets start at $25.

He’ll also perform at the Adrienne Arsht Center (Miami) on January 4th.  Tickets start at $49


B. B. King – Lucille from Moe Blues on Vimeo.