Free art!  You read that correctly ladies, gents, and other. Explore Downtown Lake Worth and you may end up with a hidden treasure, plaster cars by artist Lynelle Forrest. The Retro Jetro Plaster Car Project began March 2014. Each weekend, she places 20 or more at various locations throughout downtown Lake Worth.

Clues to the treasure’s whereabouts are posted to Retro Jetro’s Facebook Instagram pages every Saturday morning. All you have to do is find and share your booty using hashtag #RetroJetro.

Lynelle Forrest is a Palm Beach-based artist whose work has percolated in the local underground for years and just now is breaking through to mainstream recognition. Her studio reflects her hyperactive mind, its surfaces strewn with the tools of her trade and her aesthetic preferences, from sculptural files and scrapers and a mini Apple computer to wonderful design books—Miami architecture, Japanese pop culture–and pin-up calendars. Out of this ferment comes work of elegance and depth, with a recurring interest in multiple perspectives—visual, psychological, technological and existential.

Closer Magazine – South FL Arts 2008

Lynelle wishes to continue the project with collaborations all over the United States. Recently she sent 10 plaster Retro Jetro cars to an artist friend, Tony Diaz, who will paint and drop them off in the Boston area. During Art Basel, 50 cars were dropped off in Miami Beach. A few months prior, 30 cars at Florida Atlantic University and 20 in downtown Delray Beach.

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