Art Africa Miami Schedule of Events

Art & Fashion

DEC. 3 from 7-9PM

Come and celebrate Arts Africa Miami in the VIP First Look.

Art & Design

DEC. 4 from 11-7PM

Experience unique design objects from master designer Michael O.

Art & Jazz

DEC. 5 from 5:30-7PM

Groove to the soulful sounds of Gregory Ledon & the Miami Jazz Quartets whose sound is rooted in the tradition of Miles Davis.

Art & Community

DEC. 6 from 3-5PM

Panel discussion on the policies of representation: Art, Poverty, Ideas & Vision moderated by author, scholar and professor Dr. Carol Boyce Davis.

Art & Champagne

DEC. 7 from Noon-2PM

Soul Basel VIP champagne brunch, the official close-out with the “Art in Black” cultural influencers of Arts Africa Miami Fair 2014

The Art Africa Miami Arts Fair continues to push boundaries, leading the way for innovation, creativity and inclusion of some of the top artists of the African and Caribbean Diaspora

DECEMBER 3 thru 7 — Miami

In 2011, visionary, architect and creator of Art Africa Miami Arts Fair (AAMAF), Neil Hall launched the inaugural AAMAF that showcased engaging and thought provoking art that served a continuum of the Black, Caribbean, social, political, hip hop artistic strand that spoke to the Black presence missing from the Art Basel script. The AAMAF narrative has ignited a spark in the urban art community resulting in the creation of art fairs like Prizm, Kroma, Fusion Mia, Global Caribbean and Multitudes added to this cultural revolution.

“All across the country, art has been a catalyst for the rebirth of communities that have been disinvested,” said Clarence Woods, SEOPW CRA Executive Director “We see Art Africa as one of the sparks that will help to light the flames of economic prosperity here in Overtown.

Art Africa Miami Arts Fair opens Wednesday, December 3, 2014 from 7pm-10pm, immediately following the opening night of #HistoricOvertownSoulBasel: A Celebration of Art, Music that will showcase the works of the late Overtown artist Purvis Young at the Lyric Theatre. The AAMAF gallery opens daily from 11am-7pm.

Other cultural offerings during the fair include a live mural being curated by Kyle Holbrook, CEO of Moving Lives of Kids Community Mural Project; artist’s talks produced by Caribbean-American intellectual, Dr. Carol Boyce Davies and Soul Basel Brunch and Conversation.

Admission: Free