A pop-up art fair in partnership with ArtPalmBeach and Art Synergy, CONTINUUM West Palm Beach Arts showcases works by South Florida artists. Now in its third year, many have returned and it’s fascinating to watch how their styles have changed.  David German, for example, stepped forward with charcoals in 2014 and shot it out of the ballpark this year with the two pieces on display.  Anthony Hernandez has tongues wagging with the David Bowie piece, as well as my personal favorite, that of Frida Kahlo (in 2014 he was experimenting with thick dark outlines and curves). New to me is EB Fromkes, I find her work really fascinating… you can’t help but think of the quote “art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable”.

This year’s participating artist include: Agata Ren, Alvaro Rojas, Anthony Burks Sr., Anthony Hernandez, Barry Seidman, Bonnie Bruner, Brian Wood, Carole Lebrun, Caron Bowman, Chad Steve. Craig McInnis. David German, Dena Lyons, Doreen Grasso, Eduardo Mendieta, E. B. Fromkes, Gary Kroman, Genie Fritchey, Georgeta Fondos, Gisele Weisman, Greg Matthews, Henriett Michel, Ilene Adams, James Rabidoux, Jane Ehrlich, Jena Thomas, Joanne Urban, Joel Cohen, Julia Longwell, Karla Walter, Kat Elagina, Kimberley Maxwell, Kristin Pavlick, Leo Arbeznik, Lynn Doyal,Mark Walnock, Melo, Nicole Galluccio, Orlando Chiang, Paola Gracey, Patricia Schwimmer, Patrick Foucauld, Robin Wolfenden, Rolando Chang Barrero, Sandi Pfeifer, Sarah Knouse, Tracy Guiteau, Tristyn Bustamante, Victoria Bronfman, Zbigniew Kijak.

CONTINUUM runs through January 30th at at 522 Clematis street in downtown West Palm Beach and is free and open to the public. Here’s a peek into what you’ll find.

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