Kevin LCK: Object 1
Kevin LCK: Object 1

Created by product designer/illustrator Kevin LCK, “Ordinary Behavior” is a project that seeks to explore the “unhealthy relationship between human and technology” through a series illustrations and what appear to be everyday objects miniaturized out of cardboard.  Upon closer inspection, we see there’s more to them than meets the eye.

Object # 1

‘The Microwave’ is part of the illustrative object series about how human are domesticated by technology. It depicts the uncanny dining experience we encounter in our everyday life by subverting the space of a dining room and the microwave interior. Ironically I placed a nice wooden dining table with a fine dinner for two, served with wine, into a microwave oven. This subversion leads to question the viewers, what can you get from a microwave oven? What have we been given up in order to adequate the instant technology culture? ‘The Microwave’ is made by paper cardboard, handcrafted without using any machines, the medium itself is disconnected from technology. -Kevin LCKObject #1Object #1

Observation # 298: Camera Eat First

Observation # 330

Paper Pop-Up Phone

‘The Paper Pop-up Phone’ is a cardboard model that can pop up a building by pinch zooming into the map with your fingers. This is part of the illustrative object series depicting how human is trapped into technological devices. By exploring the gestures first introduced by the touch-screen mobile phone, I attempted to recreate the uncanny experience in a more physical way, paradoxically situate technology in a non-technological way. -Kevin LCK

Paper Pop-up PhonePaper Pop-up Phone_2

[via StrictlyPaper, Behance]