New York-based photographer Sarah Anne Ward has shot a total of five desserts inspired by various artists. They include Pollock rice krispies treats, a Rothko ice cream cake, cubist movement pinwheel cookies, Mondrian Jell-O, and Koons’ “Balloon Dog” recreated using Twinkies.

She has plans for at least two more edible treats: a mobile using rock candy (Alexander Calder), as well as a Salvador Dali-inspired s’more.

Jackson Pollock Rice Krispies
Jackson Pollock Rice Krispies
Mark Rothko - White Center Cake
Mark Rothko – White Center Cake
Piet Mondrian - Jell-O
Piet Mondrian – Jell-O
Picasso/Braque Pinwheel Cookies
Picasso/Braque Inspired Pinwheel Cookies (Cubist Movement)

Jeff Koons - Balloon Dog made with Twinkies