There’s a lot of similarities between the flavor profile of the African foods that I’ve tasted and the Haitian foods I grew up eating.  Specifically, we have a dish in Haiti called Accra/Akra, made with ground black-eyed peas or sometimes malanga, which may have originated in Nigeria where it goes by the name of Akara.  This dish then traveled to Brazil as a result of the slave trade, there a variation can be found under the name of Acarajé.

That said, don’t be shy.  Below are 5 YouTube channels to watch if you’d like to learn how to cook African dishes.

…and speaking of Africa, if you’re in South Florida, be sure to check out Ankara Miami: A Fashion & Culture Show on February 22 at FIU’s Koven’s Conference Center.

Afro Food TV

Taste of Tanzania

Kadi Recipes

Nigerian Food Channel

African Food Recipes

BONUS VIDEO: This is Haiti!