Realizing that I hadn’t completed a beer review in a while, I went on a beer haul and picked up goodies like Royal Jamaican Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, Crabbies Ginger Beer, and Mother Earth’s Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale. What drew me to Wells Banana Bread was the novelty of trying a beer that tastes of banana bread… plus the bottle says they’re made with actual bananas.

Wells Banana BreadWells Banana Bread Beer

ABV: 5.2%


Wells & Young’s Ltd Haverlock Street Bedford, MK40 4LU United Kingdom (England)

Wells Banana Bread Beer is amber in color, and not at all cloudy. Poured against the walls of a clean glass, I didn’t get much of a head and the little that did form, dissipated pretty quickly. Personally, this makes no difference. In terms of smell, I would say fruity somewhat, caramel-like.  You get the banana — though not so much bread — and there’s something else… cream soda? Not having smelled (or eaten) banana bread in a while, I envisioned something warm and comfort inducing…. did I get that? Not fully. I will admit that the more I drank, the further I wanted to stick my nose into the glass. Slightly carbonated, the beer has a medium mouth-feel.

NOTE: Alcohol by Volume (ABV), describes how much of the beer is actual alcohol and International Bittering Unit (IBU), a measure of its bitterness level.  Beer falls within 2-12% ABV range with most between 4-6%.  It’s said that they’re best enjoyed at 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit for paler or lower alcohol beers, and 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit for darker or higher alcohol beers.

*Reviews are not solicited, just me boozing and chronicling the experience.

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