Apple Cider & Champagne Sangriavia kirantarun

“To the Spanish, sangria is a party drink and is there for one reason – to get you drunk very cheaply. There is no magical recipe to make perfect sangria. To make real sangria, you take the cheapest red wine you can get, the cheapest spirits in the supermarket (brandy, whiskey, anything will do) and the cheapest fruit that you have lying about – usually apples and oranges and peaches that are too mushy and old to eat. If it tastes gross (which it usually will) add something to take the taste away – sugar and cinnamon usually works.” –Damian Corrigan

The cocktail pictured if far from a “traditional” sangria. It immersesapples, cranberries, figs into red wine along with some aromatics. To finish it off? A splash of champagne. Head over to Kiran Tarun for the recipe. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something simpler… see the link below for instructions of making a standard Sangria.

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