Created by animator Adam Pesapane, who goes by PES, “Fresh Guacamole“ is the briefest film ever nominated for an Oscar.  The short film which was originally made for Showtime, took four months, upward of $50,000 and a team of technical experts.

“…the idea of grenades as avocados is a very old idea for me.  I hoarded this idea for years thinking that I could potentially use it somewhere. Then I decided, Alright…grenade, avocado…what’s the dish? Guacamole!”, he told the Animation World Network.

For your viewing pleasure I’ve shared “Western Spaghetti” below, the first of his animated shorts that I ever came across, and maybe my favorite still.

Inspiration for Western Spaghetti

“My mother grew up in an Italian family, she’s a great cook, makes tons of great Italian food.  My mother was always a stickler for pasta being cooked ‘al dente.’  She used to say, ‘Great pasta should be firm and never rubbery.’  Dozens of years later, I was in Staples and I see they sell giant bags of rubber bands.  I’m thinking, ‘Great pasta should be firm and never rubbery’ and here is a bag of rubber bands that looks exactly like cooked spaghetti.  Then I had this notion, if that’s cooked spaghetti then what’s the uncooked spaghetti?  You search your brain and you come up with the idea of pickup sticks.  Great, now I have the core ingredient for making spaghetti.  How can I build it out?  What looks like boiling water but also carries the connotations of “bubbling?” Bubble wrap.  I’m not saying it [coming up with these ideas] all happens in ten minutes.  Some of the ideas come immediately and some of them are stewed on for months, even years.” —PES