Head over to Northwood Village, and your eyeballs will become titillated by a group of seven shipping containers nestled between 24th and 25th streets on Spruce Avenue. What are they, you ask and when did this happen? Fear not, dear readers. These babies went up as part of the CANVAS Local Showdown on November 11, and gracing them you’ll find the works of South Florida artists Anon, Cheryl Maeder + Marilyn Walter, Eduardo Mendieta, Jennifer Chaparro, Luis Valle, Ron Burkhardt, and Ruben Ubiera.

With the 2017 Canvas Outdoor Museum behind us, these shipping containers leave behind beautiful eye candy which can be used as photographic backdrop. This led me to think, what will happen to the shipping containers once the exhibition is over?

Globally, there’s been increased talks regarding their usage as alternative housing solutions. CNN Money states that in addition to the shipping containers, “buyers are responsible for buying the land, securing building permits and getting the home hooked up to local water and sewer lines and the gas and electric grid, among other things.”

In Silicon Valley, Billionaire John Sobrato wants to build 200 micro-apartments for the homeless and low-income families. Yet — offering an alternate  point of view — Lexington Housing Studies recently published “Shipping containers: More overpriced fad than affordable housing“, citing that they’re not sustainable and not a solution to wealth disparity.

Whatever your thoughts, enjoy them the next time you’re in the area and stop by the many great small businesses in the area.

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