Cecily Mathis - Director of the Clothing Exchange Project
Cecily Mathis

This feature is to focus on South Florida locals who choose to take charge and do themselves, what they’d like to see in the community. Meet Cecily Mathis, director of the Clothing Exchange Project, a gathering that invites guests to swap “like new” clothing articles with one another.

The upcoming affair, themed “Tickled Pink”, takes place on October 11 at Hawthorn Suites in West Palm Beach.  General admission costs $25 in advance, includes makeovers, massages, and food. A portion of the proceeds benefits the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure 2014.

What sparked the idea for The Clothing Exchange Project?

The idea was sparked early 2009. While clothing swaps were happening around the country, none were here in Palm Beach County. I first had a small one at a friend’s home that we collaborated with, a jewelry party for Premier Design of which I am also a distributor. After that small test, I knew it could be something big and wanted in Palm Beach County. I’m always interested in unique events and I’m glad I’ve started this one.

How often does the Clothing Exchange take place and where?

The Clothing Exchange Project takes place 2-3 times yearly. We host our events at area hotels such as The Hilton, Hawthorn Suites, Courtyard by Marriott.

Are there any other projects you’re currently working on now?

I’m currently working on a project to partner with the City of West Palm Beach this year.

What are your immediate & future goals?

To continue the event locally, bigger and better. Future goals? To expand to other counties like Broward and Port St. Lucie.

What is your favorite local restaurant?

My favorite restaurant: Celebrity Restaurant and Lounge, where I bartend! Smile.. But if I must choose elsewhere, I really like Carrabba’s experience. I’ve learned to sit where the chefs and cooks prepare the dishes and watch them for entertainment and food samples!

Is there a favorite recipe you’d like to share? A favorite drink?

I love a great Sangria! The recipe I use, given to me by a friend, is a sweet red wine base with a little brandy, a splash of ginger ale, slices of oranges, apples, and limes!

There’s lots going on in South Florida, what is one event that you try not to miss?

Sunfest used to be a favorite of mine for the music and art. Not so much anymore. I really enjoy the Jerk Fest for the FOOD and MUSIC! I usually work as a bartender there, but this year I was able to sit back and enjoy!

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