“The Essentials” is a side project of Canadian illustrator Marisa Seguin.  The idea was sparked when she drove a friend to the grocery since he was out of food.  He came back with “two six-packs, a thin crust frozen pizza, wedge of parmesan cheese, bag of oranges, and 300 paper napkins”. Personally, I think this is perfectly reasonable, which probably explains the current state of my fridge (at least the milk’s not expired yet).

The project is a tongue-in-cheek observation at how as “adults”, we still make “irresponsible” food choices.  I couldn’t even write this sentence with a straight face. *snicker*

Moving on, you can submit your own list of up to six “essentials” to have her illustrate.  Feel free to follow her progress on Tumblr.

Jason, 41
Jason, 41
3 p.m., Tuesday (Jason buys these things most Tuesdays)

cask of red wine
bottle of lemon cordial
packet of penne pasta
headache tablets
Cherry Ripe bar
hot English mustard

Jeffrey, 26
Jeffrey, 26
7:30 p.m.

canned tuna cat food (3)
American Blonde Ale 6-pack
canned chili

Destiny, 18
Destiny, 18
4 p.m., Monday

ginger beer
1 papaya
swiss chard
almond milk

Jen, 25
Jen, 25
6:00 p.m.

Starbucks Verona ground coffee
lemon Greek yogurt cups (x7)
spicy salmon roll sushi (package of 8)
goldfish crackers

Amanda, 25
Amanda, 25
7:30 p.m.

kombucha (ginger)
wheatgrass (for cats)
ranch dressing
cheddar cheese

Lilly, 24
Lilly, 24
4:30 p.m.

bottle of red wine
roll of Pillsbury Orange Sweet Rolls

Spencer, 22
Spencer, 22
6:30 p.m.

Two six-packs
Wedge of parmesan
Frozen thin crust pizza
Bag of oranges
300 paper napkins