It’s Sunday morning and I was fortunate enough to have come across Jad Abumrad‘s talk at the 99% Conference on the power & necessity of “gut churn”.  He explains it as “that radical uncertainty you feel when you’re trying to work without a template.”

This lecture resonated on many levels because I’ll admit, not always proudly, that I live a large portion of my life on “gut churn”; past jobs, relationships, this blog, my jewelry.  My take on the term is basically that feeling at the pit of your stomach that tells you that you should be doing something!  Gut churn is almost a propellant: “I need to act.”

We all know what’s inherently good for us, our bodies cues us.  Like now, mine is saying… “Lawrence, you should probably consider being a little active. Having a boulangerie on your back is not a cute look.”  So, I’ll start incorporating exercise again.

Gut churn brought this site about.  Where could I find what I was looking for?  I couldn’t, not in one place at least.  Did I or even do I still know what I’m doing? Haha.  I have an idea & a direction that I’m looking to travel in.  Every now & then little thought bubbles pop up that I either choose to follow or save for later.

Gut churn brought beYOUteous about.  Loving accessories but having gotten bored with seeing some of the same things. As a result of the oversaturation in the accessories market, you find that quality suffered with people/vendors just trying to provide mass-produced goods, poorly made for a profit and nothing else.  Meh.

Enjoy the talk. For those of you who happened across this post truly interested in the affairs of the gut, excuse my rambling.  Below you’ll find “Guts with Michael Mosely” which aired on PBS April 17, 2013.

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