In this Tumblr, Bruce Lee seems to think that a breakfast of cocoa puff served with a smoothie made of oranges, pineapple and bananas is a great way to start the day.  With ingredients set aside, he first slices the banana with a hand chop!  He then pummels the orange with fists full of fury.  Using a wooden dowel, the pineapple parts in half then free-falls to the counter, having stood no chance.  The milk, it quivers… almost curdling in a corner.  Its lid flies off, victim of a swift side quick.  The cereal, the poor cereal didn’t see it coming.  Mayhem, pure delicious mayhem.

Bruce Lee Preps BreakfastI'd Like a Slice of Banana BruceKarate Chop!  Banana Served by Bruce LeeHow about some pineapples?  3-5 servings, per Bruce LeeHeeyah!  I'll take the lid off the milkI'll take care of the cereal!Breakfast is served by Bruce Lee