One world. One week. One festival. That’s what the Manhattan Short Film Festival is about — the opportunity to catch the 10 short film finalists out of this year’s 589 entries from 47 countries.  At the end, you vote for your favorite film and actor. Mos’Art Theatre, located in the town of Lake Park, is one of the six or so theaters in South Florida where you’re able to catch a screening.

Ask me and I’ll say that 20 minutes or less isn’t a long time to create a moving film. Two in particular shut me up: The Bravest, The Boldest by director Moon Molson, and Erik Schmitt’s Rhino Full Throttle. Also memorable, was Marcus McGhee’s portion of Alix Lambert & Sam Chou’s CRIME: THE ANIMATED SERIES graphic-novel-style documentary.

The event runs through October 5th. Winners will be announced on October 6th at 10AM eastern.

The Bravest, The Boldest

Director: Moon Molson
Synopsis: A mother tries to avoid two Army Officers ready to deliver the worst news of her life.

Totaling 17 minutes in length, this movie won my vote for best short film and Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris for best actor. Why? Standing in the elevator with the two officers, all three of them heading to the 17th floor, the look on her face… no words exchanged, but she knew.  The way her hands wrung nervously around the handle of the laundry basket she held.  You felt that.

Rhino Full Throttle

Director: Erik Schmitt
Synopsis: A man searching for the soul of a city encounters an enigmatic young woman who unlocks his heart.

“A lot of people are so used to their surroundings, they really can’t see it anymore.” — Erik Schmitt

Lead character, Bruno, makes his way through the streets of Berlin searching for its “soul”. Driven by curiosity, he meets and falls for a girl with similar spirit. She’s scheduled to leave within a week and together they explore.

Crime: The Animated Series

Director: Alix Lambert & Sam Chou
Synopsis: A documentary about the havoc crime creates told by those living through it.