African Beauty with Wrapped Hair
Source: Ankara Miami, Inc.

At the 3rd annual Ankara Miami Fashion & Culture Show, held Feb. 22 at FIU’s Kovens Conference Center, a catwalk ran through the center of the room.  Colorful lights shone upon the stage.  The audience filled in, some appearing ready to strut the walkway themselves.  Heads were wrapped in beautiful ichafus.  Those unwrapped, were made up in a variety of natural hairstyles from bald to locks.

At 8-o’clock, the show began.  Host Chello Davis, who made his comic debut on BET’s ComicView, appears ready to engage the crowd.  He jokes that this is one of the few events he’s attended without having seen any lace-front wigs… looking around, you can’t say he wasn’t right.  Many of the women in the room confidently rocked their natural do.  Chello himself sported his locs, coiffed by Natural Trendsetters.

The designers at this year’s show were Adjanie, Ankara Fashions, Bchris Couture, Modella B, Nicetrads, Rare Honey, Wamuiru.  Accessories were coordinated by Nzingah, Pink Empress, and Unapologetic Presence.

Throughout the night, my friend Star and I “oooh”-ed and “ahhh”-ed at the fashion hitting the runway with music by DJ Self Born.  Occasionally, we’d just stare at each other simply because we couldn’t find any words.  The same was true for when an extremely delicious male model made his way out… and there were a few delicious male models!  The women were no less stunning.  Nzingah performed a spoken word piece titled “This is for the woman”.

Towards the end, a check was presented to Honey Shine, a local Miami mentor program created to provide young girls with opportunities and experiences that will help them grow into confident, productive, and socially aware citizens.

The show ended. CEO Evelyn Onyejuruwa thanked everyone who made the evening possible, while trying her best not to get teary-eyed.

It was an amazing night filled with beautiful fashion, art, individuals, and tasty drinks.  What to expect in 2015? Ankara Miami Fashion Week (Feb. 19-21).